For Shower Trays, Pans, Baths and Worktops

What is AquaStrap

Aquastrap is a flexible retro-fit up-stand seal installed onto the perimeter side walls of shower trays and baths before final location against adjacent walls.

When installed, the up-stand is sandwiched between the wall and tile while a silicone joint is maintained between the bottom edge of the tile and ledge.


Aquastrap comprises of:

  1. Flexible EPDM Up-stand
  2. EPDM Isolating Membrane
  3. Butyl Adhesive Isolating & Alignment cord.
  4. High Tack Butyl Adhesive
  5. Lower release liner
  6. Upper release liner.


Choose which length suits best:

Aquastrap is supplied in roll format in various lengths to accommodate shower trays and baths of different dimensions.


Before you Install

The installation instructions are printed in text and photographs on each box.
Alcohol wipes are provided to prepare shower tray and bath perimeter side walls for contact with butyl adhesive tape.
An end cap cord is provided to cover the exposed cut ends of the butyl adhesive.

Retailers & Trade

Aquastrap is packed into boxes of 8. Each box contains rolls of the same length.

We also offer retailers a mixed box of 8 units containing: 2 No. 2mtr., 2 No 2.3mtr., 2 No 2.8mtr. & 2 No 3.4mtr. rolls.


Once installed Aquastrap forms a continuous flexible up-stand around shower trays and baths. For installation guidelines please see our AquaStrap Installation video

25 Mtr. Trade Rolls:

Reduced cost/mtr.
Reduced waste/installation

Ideal for ‘repeat-use’ installers on residential/commercial
construction projects

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