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What Differentiates the AquaStrap Seal?

The AquaStrap Shower Seal


Aquastrap is supplied pre-prepared with sealant isolating materials strategically applied in conformity with this BS6213 recommendation

Factory applied isolating materials on the EPDM up-stand and butyl adhesive upper boundary prevent direct contact with sealant.

The EPDM up-stand is a tough durable flexible material that is not easily torn or pierced. These properties make it an ideal secondary and permanent water barrier behind the first line of defence – the sealant.

The butyl adhesive is a strong tacky black age resistant band that provides strong flexible sealing bond between with the EPDM up-stand and adjacent side perimeter wall to which attached.

Both the EPDM up-stand and butyl adhesive are polymeric materials and BS6213 advises that consideration is given to the preparation of such materials to prevent direct contact with reactive sealants.


Two release liners on the adhesive face allow a ‘hang and bond’ first and second fix installation method. This makes installation very simple!

1. Remove Upper Liner


2. Hang Aquastrap

To install Aquastrap the upper release liner is removed and the exposed face progressively hung on the first side wall so the top edge of the butyl is level with the ledge.

After completion of the hanging process, the lower release liner is removed and Aquastrap is permanently bonded to the first side wall.The remaining side walls are done in a similar fashion.


3. Remove lower liner


4. Remove Upper Liner

This method allows installers the opportunity to remove and reposition Aquastrap in the event of an initial misalignment and thereafter progressively press out potential air pockets during the second fix bonding process.

What differentiates Aquastrap from others up-stand seals is that Aquastrap is supplied with pre-applied sealant isolating materials (saving installation time) and two butyl adhesive release liners (easing the installation).

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