For Shower Trays, Pans, Baths and Worktops


End Purchasers

To purchase AquaStrap, our preferred path to customers is through our distributor’s retailers. If you have difficulty sourcing Aquastrap locally, please contact us detailing your location, post code and preferred retailer. We will revert detailing our nearest retailer – and if necessary an alternative means of acquiring our products.

UK Retailer Chains

HPS Heating Plumbing Supplies – 26 branches located across the South – Store Finder    Plumbcity is East Anglia’s Leading Independent Trading Plumbers’ Merchant. With Fifteen branches located in the region.

Retailer Distributors

England / Wales – Distributors
Smiths-Briten, Bolton, Lancashire. Tel: 0845 634 4321
Mark Vitow, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire. Tel: 0208 207 3784
Barco Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire. Tel: 0170 733 4840
Sealux Dublin Tel: 0870 8760 121

Scotland – Distributors
Sealux, Dublin Tel: 01 298 9121

N Ireland – Distributors
Kelso Agencies Ltd., Carrickfergus, Antrim. Tel: 028 9336 6560

Ireland – Distributors
Sealux, Dublin Tel: 01 298 9121

Dedicated Online Distributors Offering Worldwide Delivery of Aquastrap. For USA and Canada

International Distributors

If you are a company distributing a complementary range of products into the tile/building/plumbing/diy retail sectors and see an opportunity for Aquastrap as a Sealux distributor, please do contact us on +353 (0)1 298 9121

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