For Shower Trays, Pans, Baths and Worktops

Installing Aquastrap, step by step

Aquastrap Installation Instructions

Apply a similar procedure (where appropriate) for a baths or worktops.

See a video of the Aquastrap installation process
“Watch it here”
Installing Aquastrap Step 1
Fig. 1
install aquastrap step 2
Fig. 2
installing aquastrap step 3
Fig. 3
installing aquastrap step
Fig. 4

(1) Roughen side walls with wire wool and clean surfaces with alcohol wipes.
(2-3) Unroll Aquastrap the length of the first side wall and 200mm beyond corner. Peel back upper release liner (c) 100mm. Keep the top of the aligning cord (a) level with the top of the ledge (e) while using the thumb to press the exposed adhesive face onto the adjacent side wall. For very rounded corners refer to fig.17.
(4) Continue process until first side is complete removing liner (c) 150mm beyond corner.

installing aquastrap step 5
Fig. 5
install aquastrap step 6
Fig. 6
install aquastrap step
Fig. 7
install aquastrap step
Fig. 8

(5-6) Lift up the lower part of Aquastrap (d) at a right angle to the side wall and peel off (pulling downward) the lower release liner (b) 150mm beyond corner.
(7) Press the lower adhesive face (from top down) against the side wall expelling potential air pockets in the process.
(8) If shower tray or bath has rounded corners, the adhesive should be pinched (bulked up) to maintain 90 angle around corner.

install aquastrap step 9
Fig. 9
installing aquastrap step 10
Fig. 10
installing aquastrap step
Fig. 11

(9-11) Continue installing Aquastrap onto remaining side walls in a similar fashion.

installing aquastrap step 12
Fig. 12
installing aquastrap step 13
Fig. 13
installing aquastrap step 14
Fig. 14
installing aquastrap step 15
Fig. 15

(12) We suggest using a seam roller to ensure full contact between adhesive tape and side walls.
(13) Cut foam strip 45mm long and cap adhesive ends as shown.
(14) Once the shower tray/bath is located in position, bond that part of Aquastrap extending above the ledge to the adjacent wall with a polymer adhesive.
(15-16) Apply Sealux-N into the tile/ledge joint.

sealux  n


We recommend Sealux-N or an equivalent neutral curing/quality silicone is applied into the tile/ledge movement joint


aquastrap_17The position of the seal aligning cord (blue) on the shower tray/bath side wall is determined by the radius of the ledge/side wall corner.
Installers should align Aquastrap at a level on the side wall that ensures the seal aligning cord forms a pressure seal between the up-stand on one side and the side wall on the other side and so prevent contact between the silicone (yellow) and butyl adhesive (red). Use Sealux-N or equivalent neutral curing silicone between the tile and ledge.

Fig. 17A Aquastrap Detail (ledge radius 5mm) Fig.17B Aquastrap Detail (ledge radius 8mm)

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