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Rigid V Flexible Up-Stands

Rigid Upstand


Flexible Upstand (Aquastrap)


The concept of shower trays with up-stands is appealing because it is simple and there would appear to be less chance of a leak if the sealant fails. Some manufacturers offer a choice between shower trays with integrated rigid up-stands and flat top shower trays (often with an optional retro-fit up-stand).

There is a growing awareness integrated rigid up-stands may not be the perfect solution to seal joints that expand and can be more an obstacle than a benefit. These obstacles relate to the lack of up-stand flexibility and installation difficulties not associated with flat top shower trays.

Let’s Compare

Shower trays with rigid up-stands

Flat top shower trays with Aquastrap

Joint Flexibility

Rigid up-stands are not flexible. Under joint movement (stud/joist drying shrinkage or weight deflection) the up-stand can prise the bottom row of tiles off the wall.

Aquastrap is a highly flexible up-stand seal. Under joint movement the up-stand simply deflects and does not prise the bottom row of tiles off the wall.

Up-stand thickness

Rigid up-stands can be of such a thickness they are not fully chased into block walls. The result is deflected tiles over bedded in tile adhesive that later de-bonds.

The Aquastrap up-stand is 1mm thick and is not chased into adjacent walls but is accommodated in the 3mm tile adhesive bed.

Ease of Installation

Recessing rigid up-stands into walls (particularly block walls) is time consuming. Rigid up-stands also define the outlet position which often means extra work for the installer.

Aquastrap up-stands are 1mm thick (no chasing) and fitted in minutes. The installer chooses the up-stand sides to accommodate his preferred waste outlet location.

Exposed ledges

Recessing rigid up-stand shower trays into two or three sided enclosures with walls not built square can result in exposed ledges of different widths.

Flat top shower trays with Aquastrap have a greater capacity to compensate for walls not built square because the up-stand can be easily manipulated.

Stock levels

From the ‘stock level’ point of view, stocking both rigid up-stands and flat top shower trays result in increased stock levels and increased cost.

Aquastrap can reduce stock levels. Every flat top shower tray can be supplied with Aquastrap, on the grounds it more effective than integrated up-stands.

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